Liftec Pte. Ltd.

About Us

Liftec is a Singapore BCA registered firm and our engineers have over 15 years of experience in designing and constructing lifts. We are one of the very few companies in Singapore that offer both hydraulic and traction lifts.

We specialise in Low-Rise to Mid-Rise projects which includes Residential lifts, Dumbwaiters, Home wheelchair lifts, Disabled lifts, Goods hoists, Goods lifts and Stair lift. In addition, we retrofit existing buildings with new lifts.
We understand you are not a lift expert and when you choose us, you are relying on us to do what’s right and we take that responsibility very seriously.

At Liftec, we are very proud of our ability to deliver. We want you to feel confident that you are getting the absolute best price with us. Our simple, clear and transparent pricing structure sets the most competitive price for our lifts in Singapore. We make every effort to offer you the lowest price.

Quality Assurance from UK

As your trusted lift partner, Liftec is committed to delivering best solutions and products without compromising on quality. As such, we pride ourselves in using the finest quality materials in our equipment in order to bring the highest satisfaction to our valued customers.

Liftec has adopted cylinders and motors that are manufactured in UK. Their renowned quality, safety and precision are the key reasons in our selection which in turn, will bring maximum assurance and product value to our clients.

Furthermore, we give you our word that you will always get the best price with us. To accomplish this, we have a strong and extensive partnership with overseas companies that allow us to offer you the lowest price.

Having a home lift not only increases the value of your home, but it also multiplies the number of potential resale buyers. In addition, the decision to install a lift to your home brings added prestige and convenience.

Liftec Core Values


We are committed to the highest standard of integrity in all aspects of our business and are responsible to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Our Customers are the very reason for our existence. We are committed to excellence in customer satisfaction because we believe in establishing long-term relationship.


Applying the latest technology on our products while ensuring the safety, reliability, build quality and great value which we have become known in the industry for.


Safety & assurance is our top priority. We passionately care about the safety of our customers and we provide our people with the training, knowledge and tools to work safely and prevent accidents. We are focused on assuring the safety of everything we design, construct, operate and maintain.


Our lift parts are sourced from quality manufacturers around the world –UK, Germany and Korea. Therefore, you can be assured of the highest quality standards in our products. Quality and safety go hand in hand for Liftec. We will not accept anything less than the highest standard where customer or employee safety is concerned.
  • Singapore BCA Registered - Over 15 Years Experience
  • We make every effort to offer you the lowest price